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The Board Risk Management Committee (BRMC) provides oversight of the management of risks that could lead to financial loss, disruption to operations, failure to attain objectives or damage to the IILM’s reputation. Additionally, the  BRMC oversees the management’s activities in managing credit, market, liquidity, operational, reputational, and other risks, while ensuring that appropriate risk management processes are in place and functioning well.

The members of the BRMC are appointed for a term of three years by the Governing Board or their representatives, and they may be reappointed for further periods.

TERM: 28 MARCH 2022 - 27 MARCH 2025

Mrs. Dwi Safarina (Chairman)


Bank Indonesia

Mr. Mohammed Ataur Rahman Chowdhury

comittee_logo icd

Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector

Ms. Beh Cheng Hoon


Bank Negara Malaysia

Mr. Muhammad Musa Hamisu


Central Bank of Nigeria

Ms. Sheikha Sara Abdulla Al-Thani


Qatar Central Bank

Mr. Erhan Akkaya


Central Bank of the Republic of Türkiye

Mr. Thabet Bhakeet Khamis Abdulla Thabet


Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates

Mr. Saad Al-Nahedh

comittee_logo kuwait

Central Bank of Kuwait

Mr. Waesh Khodabocus


Central Bank of Mauritius