Quotes from the Interns

MMI, Intern
Shari’ah Unit
There is no doubt that the work environment at the IILM is very friendly, enjoyable and interesting. Praying Salat together, celebrating personal and religious occasions together, creates good bonding among staff. This is a wonderful initiative by the IILM, in my opinion Overall, the IILM is a great place to work at.
NAMR, Intern
Risk & Business Operations
I personally enjoyed working at the IILM. It was a privilege for me to work under the leadership of such an amazing line of management committees, whom I really look up to. I appreciate the environment where the company welcomes everyone’s opinions, treats everyone fairly, has a very supportive team and that makes me feel belonged.
ASAS, Intern
Business Operations
The IILM provides top notch environment which makes you feel consistently a part of the team. From day one, I am lucky to be around colleagues that are very helpful and encouraging, which accorded me with the necessary knowledge for my self-development.
SODS, Intern
The work environment at the IILM has a productive and relaxed atmosphere. There is understanding, compassion and respect among colleagues. Positive reinforcement and commitment to excellence. It is an environment where everyone’s skills, knowledge and opinion are acknowledged, but at the same time it challenges you to upskill yourself in order to understand the organisation’s business model.
JA, Intern
Business Operations
The IILM is one of the best places for students of Islamic Finance to gain diversified set of skills in a short span of time.
ANZK, Intern
IT Infrastructure
I would say that the environment at the IILM is the best I have experienced with their friendly staff. It also gives interns the opportunity to complete a task with full support from the supervisor itself.