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The graphic elements work together with the typography to express the international appeal of the IILM towards the global finance community and how the Corporation aims to promote global collaboration in Islamic finance.

The main graphic element of this design is a series of blocks forming circular rings around the core, from which the IILM typography is attached to. These blocks symbolise different financial institutions from around the globe. Being of different sizes, these blocks show that financial institutions and countries of varied sizes are accepted into this global community, forming a global collaboration. The circular ring arrangement firstly demonstrates that these financial institutions are drawn towards a central element; the IILM, and secondly the spoke effect it creates shows that their attraction to the Corporation is focused and targeted.


The IILM typography is anchored to the core of the graphic element, as the heart of this international collaboration. To further enhance the Corporation’s core function, the words “ISLAMIC LIQUIDITY MANAGEMENT” have been highlighted.

The colour that has been selected for the logo is gold, selected firstly for its connotations of wealth and prosperity. Its colour tone exudes a personality of warmth and elegance, while maintaining a level of aspiration and exclusivity. The use of different shades of gold builds depth and harmony around the logo design.